How Safe Is Your Cookware Set-Health And Safety Features

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How Safe Is Your Cookware Set-Health And Safety Features

There is whole lot of varieties of cookware available in the market. Pots, pans are available in various sizes and colors. Purchasing cookware is not an easy job. You need to keep in mind lot things before deciding which cookware to buy.

Whether it is durable,  it’s esthetics, how to use it, it’s price , and of course your own pocket. That is how much is your budget? Because there are various brands in the market, you have to spend a lot of time analysis all the features mentioned above of all the brands before making a right choice.

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Nowadays , people are more educated and have become health conscious, they know what is good for their health and what is harmful. They are really interested in knowing what king of materials are used in making a cookware. Whether it is good for their health or not.

  • Is it safe to cook food in a stainless steel cookware?
  • How safe is non- stick cookware?
  • Is hard- anodized non- stick cookware good to use?
  • Will the material used in making the cookware not have side- effects on the food cooked in it?

Aluminum cookware:   They are used by many people. it has it’s own set of advantages.

  • It is a good conductor of heat.
  • It is cheap. People can easily purchase aluminum cookware .

The disadvantage is the presence of heat along with traces of acid in oil or vegetables can react with aluminum as it is a metal. If you cook very acidic or salty food in aluminum cookware then aluminum traces can be found in your food. If you keep food for a long time in aluminum cookware, aluminum can get mixed with your food.

Although the aluminum cookware that is treated, have a layer of aluminum oxide and they become non- stick, scratch resistant and will not react when food is cooked in it.

Ceramic Cookware : Ceramic non stick cookware is known for it’s versatility and quality.  They are durable, however, food stored in it for a long time, may have traces of the metal mixing with the food. This can cause health problems like Nausea and diarrhea. They are difficult to use and also heavy.

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Another disadvantage is that they need to be cleaned regularly so that there are no scratches on the surface of cookware and they look attractive and also expensive.

Enamel- coated ceramic cookware –  These cookware are specially for those people who do not want metal to mix with their food. These cookware are made of glass material. They can be safely used in microwave. They can also withstand high temperatures. They do not react with food . These cookware are attractive and have got a smooth finishing. It can retain heat for a long period of time. If by using ceramic ware in microwave, you get to see chalky substance, it shows that your cookware is of bad quality , and you should not use it.

So, it is beneficial to use Enamel- coated cookware, as it keeps better care of your health  and protects you from any kind of diseases.